La Chapelle women's sweater in spring 2022 loose and thin hooded casual and versatile student leave two fashionable women's jacket

Color, size, apricot, blue, s, m, l,,

After buying a big one, I changed it once. In addition to no lines, it's very warm. It's really warm and easy-going. It's very comfortable to wear. Warmth is more important than good-looking. The waist is very high. It can well protect the waist. It's especially comfortable. Customer service is also very good. I began to buy the cotton pants of the sheep boss a few years ago. The quality of cotton pants is first-class, especially silk and wool, which is better than that of previous years** Merchants have sewed the leaked goods inside. Such goods are still sold! Poor crazy! You should pay attention to what you want to buy! Cotton trousers are not particularly tight. They are comfortable to wear, with high back waist and no foot restraint. The design is reasonable and good. Soft and comfortable fit, fine workmanship, strong warmth retention, worthy of purchase and high praise! Yang eldest brother's cotton pants have been received. They fit very well and are soft and comfortable. They have been wearing Yang eldest brother's cotton pants. They were bought in physical stores before. I didn't expect to buy cotton pants online. They will be repurchased in the future. They are highly praised! Boss Yang's cotton pants are very good. I've been wearing them all the time. These thin cotton pants are very good, smooth and can be worn outside. This thickness. Now the weather in Tianjin is just right. My husband and I have a thin and thick one.

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