Kedi silicone mask support 3D three-dimensional anti muggy artifact breathable makeup protection child inner support support

Color, size, 3 sets of transparent color, 5 sets of transparent color, 10 sets of transparent color, 5 sets of children's white, 10 sets of children's white, 3 sets of white, 5 sets of white, 10 sets of white, 3 sets of black, 5 sets of black, 10 sets of black, 3 sets of blue, 5 sets of blue, 10 sets of blue, 3 sets of green, 5 sets of green, 10 sets of green, 3 sets of pink, 5 sets of pink, 10 sets of pink, 3 sets of rose, 5 sets of rose, 10 sets of rose, A large number of random colors,,,

It's good, very good and comfortable. It's the feeling I use. It's a buy back. I bought one before. It's almost the new year. I bought new sheets again. They look good on the bed. They have been washed, do not fade, do not shrink, and have bright colors. The pattern is what children like. I have bought several sheets. If you want to buy a sheet, search it online. The appearance of this sheet is OK, so you buy it home for children. However, now there is a long bed with velvet on the mattress. Because the weather is cold, is this sheet easy to use? We won't know until it's warm. Comfort: simple, normal experience. Go back and wash before you use it. Material features: it is very tidy and has a good hue. It is a high-grade gray series. Taste: pungent. I don't know whether it's the material problem or the string smell of the packaging bag. The smell close to the smell doesn't belong to the fabric, but more like the smell of plastic. It's very nice and tastes a little. I don't know why this sheet feels cold. This sheet is good and very comfortable to use. The children at home use high and low beds. The children respond well, sleep comfortably, don't run, and the color is also good. In short, they are very satisfied. I recommend you to buy it.

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Acgicea [mask anti stuffy support artifact] 3D silicone mask bracket three-dimensional adult anti fog makeup breathable inner support