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Buy it for the company as a year-end prize. The big brand is trustworthy. Buy it for the company as a year-end prize. The big brand is trustworthy. The quality is good and good-looking. There is no color difference. The goods have been received and the packaging is exquisite, but I don't know whether the quality is good after passing the water. The bed sheets with good quality are fuanna's big brand. Not bad, beautiful style, often bought brand! The design and color are very beautiful. The person who got married before bought it in fuanna, so I bought another set for this event. Simple, maybe I prefer plain ones. It's nice. I just feel that the new one is still a little hard after washing. I don't know. Is that what she wears? I don't think it's more than 100 sets of softness. After washing several times, I don't know if it will be better. It's really worth the money. If the design, color and quality are not good, I'll make money if I buy a big brand at this price. I'll buy two quilts under an order

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