Into you clear and dry powder, dry and wet, dual use, transparent skin color, oil control and makeup.

Color, net content, N01 naturally white, N02 natural complexion, T01 transparent and colorless, Y01 warm tone white,,,

III * underwear is worthy of being a professional old brand. The fabric is comfortable, the workmanship is fine, and it will not fade and deform after washing. The price can also be bought more. It is more affordable. The only disadvantage is that the style is too old, the front u convex design is not big enough, and the bag is not lifted. Ha ha ha, I received it. III * is a big brand and trustworthy. First of all, the fabric is very comfortable, soft, cotton and non pilling. It's just big and small. It's very comfortable and not le. The price is a little expensive. The goods have been received and opened. The quality is very good. The goods have been received. I opened them and had a look. The quality is very good. Always wear this kind of underwear. The quality is very good and comfortable. The price of self-supporting commodity activities is still very good! Good quality? Very comfortable

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